Timber from Poland – Planed pine vaccum pressure impregnated, acacia, hazelnut

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Sections (mm): 60 * 40
Lengths (mm): 3000
Essences: pine
Treatments: green autoclave.
Certifications: FSC
Conditioning: 180


The class 4 allows the decking to be placed in contact with the ground, which the class 3 cannot. The treatment in class 4 is much more expensive than class 3 however the wood resistance is not comparable…
Our floor joists are packaged with slats between each row: this space that is created therefore allows an even distribution of the impregnation and guarantees a significantly greater product life.


Thanks to the quality sawing and planing, you can use these floor joists for many uses (carpentry, cladding, patio, pergola…).
The pine class 4 floorboard is ideal for joisting of your patio or for an external use.