Timber from Poland – Planed pine vaccum pressure impregnated, acacia, hazelnut

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TIMBERFROMPOLAND™ (www.timberfrompoland.com) has been identifying and certifying Polish sawmills and managing the supply of timber in full truck-loads from Poland for the various distribution channels as well as for local wholesalers of building supplies in Europe. Our strength, in addition to our large product range and our competitive prices, is perfect communication and understanding of customer needs throughout the supply process. All key stages of the orders placed by our customers are processed by our well-trained staff.

In 2006, TIMBERFROMPOLAND™ introduced a unique label certifying the supply process to guarantee more than just the quality of the products, but also faultless sourcing, follow-up and delivery process.

With regards to forest management, the FSC regulations are the most demanding. The “principles and criteria” describe the management regulations to be followed so that the forests respond to the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of current and future generations. They include both the management constraints and the social and environmental demands. Throughout our experience we have stated that the client, the consumer, has a number of important frameworks and certifications to guarantee the quality and social aspects of the products purchased and consumed.

In contrast, there is a real lack of certification of the management process and order tracking as well as the delivery. Hence our desire to put into place a unique certification to enable the guarantee of the smooth running of the supply process. This certification is the outcome of careful consideration, discussions and ongoing training of the key resources of the sawmills we operate with throughout the order process which has been entrusted to us. These principles, which are ours, are based on a dialogue and clear documented exchange which is systematic in the sense that it ensures that all agents have good informations with the objective of guaranteeing the lead times, the quantities as well as the pricing which we apply.