Timber from Poland – Planed pine vaccum pressure impregnated, acacia, hazelnut

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FSC regulations are the most demanding when it comes to forest management. Their “principles and criteria” describe management rules to be followed so that the forests meet social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of current and future generations. They include both management constraints and social and environmental demands. We know from our vast experience that customers have a number of important frameworks and certifications to guarantee the quality and sustainability of the products purchased and used.

However, the certification is often not in place for management, order tracking and delivery. Hence our desire to put in place a unique certification process to ensure smooth flow of the supply process. This certification is the outcome of careful consideration, discussions and ongoing training of the key resources of the sawmills we work with throughout the ordering process. The rules we have developed in this respect are based on a dialogue and clear documented exchange which is systematic in that it ensures that all our agents are provided with the right information with a view to guaranteeing the offered lead times, quantities and pricing.

Overview of the 5 principles of our TIMBERFROMPOLAND™ label

Qualification of our sawmills.

To optimise the management of our group of qualified suppliers, we have introduced a supplier classification system:
– ‘spot’ suppliers: in a context of opportunities regarding tenders
– ‘key’ suppliers: we set up a regular channel for discussions and commitments in the mid-term
– ‘privileged’ suppliers: we establish a long-term relationship with a shared perspective on innovation and progress.

Test phase.

Every supplier is first tested. We check that the order process and delivery run smoothly and inspect the quality of the products delivered before scheduling the deliveries from their source to our clients. Only those suppliers who have successfully passed these verification steps are assigned the orders placed for our customers.

Order follow-up.

From the moment when we address your need, there is follow-up documentation of the entire process until the merchandise is confirmed as delivered at its destination.
The key follow-up steps to deliver the order are:
– order confirmation: quantity and provisional lead time
– loading list: indicates the quantity with details per package
– load inspection: at this stage we check the quantity and communicate the details (detailed loading list) to our clients
– transport coordination: we inform you of the precise timing of delivery using delivery tracking capabilities
– delivery: for each delivery we provide all current documents which are required for billing purposes.
All these follow-steps and all necessary communication is carried out in English.

Transport coordination.

As the transportation of the goods is a key step in the supply process and communication is necessary between multiple agents in real time, we have trained a team of English-speaking logistics specialists. At the time of loading we will advise you of the date and time of the expected delivery for every order. This information allows our clients to plan ahead and manage their handling capacity and their storage space effectively.

The reordering.

When all the steps in our process are followed correctly, not only does it satisfy our customers requirements, but also ensures the necessary framework for customers to repeat their orders. Our size and our organisation give you the opportunity to get to know every client and also attach great importance to responding quickly to your needs. To summarise: TIMBERFROMPOLAND™ … certifies the supply process without any hassle on your part!!!