Timber from Poland – Planed pine vaccum pressure impregnated, acacia, hazelnut

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Fencing posts

Sections (mm): 70 * 70, 90 * 90
Longueurs (mm): 2400
Essences: pin
Features: Autoclave Vert.
Certifications: FSC
Variations: 1 rain, 2 showers, 2 showers at 90 °

The ideal way to give your garden privacy, and a simple, traditional look, you can use these timber fence posts to replace, repair or create your own run of fencing. It’s been pressure treated to maximize its life span, whilst protecting against rot and insect attack.
Ideal for use in conjunction with our decorative panels, which easily slide into place in the H-shaped or U-shaped post.


Our slotted timber fence posts are designed to work with all of our fencing panels, palisade and our trellis panels.
All panels slot easily into position. There are many other benefits of using slotted posts, as opposed to old fashioned square section posts:
– slotted posts reduce damage caused by wind movement when panels are screwed to posts
– no more frost damaged cracked or chipped concrete posts
– easy to carry – lighter than concrete posts
– environmentally friendly
– more supportive than square section posts
– easier to erect than concrete posts
– complete range of panels to slot in our posts
– heavy duty post options


We recommend posts for fences 1.2m high and over should be set in concrete and a minimum of 600mm into the ground.
Please note that when cutting or drilling this product we recommend using preservative to ensure cut timber is not left untreated.
To accommodate for a change of direction in fence line for an angle not equal to 90 degrees you will need to use 2 end posts back to back.